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Xpr0 2


Xpr0 allows the gamers to buy their favourite automobile and tune it.

The competitors arrange races and show the power of their cars. They can also participate in teams and larger competitions.
The game is continuously developing. With every season its design is changed and new mechanics are added to the gameplay.
Xpr0 relies on strong competitive spirit and self-expression which makes it a game of the males.
Its main auditory consists of boys between 16 and 21 years old
For more demographic information and details , please contact us.

  • Type: Manager/Sports
  • Theme: Night car races
  • Technologies: PHP/MySQL
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Everyone has wondered what it would be like to participate in a night car feel the thrill of revving up the engine and breaking every rule. This happens every day in xpr0!

This manager gives you the opportunity to buy cars, tune them and drag with another racers.

Participating in our leagues and teams, facing professionals and newbies, you can make it to the top and become a legend on the road!