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5Strike is a tactical game, in which the player creates a team of elite soldiers. They can have different professions, skills, guns, armors and experience.

The goal of the game is to create the best team and then participate in battles. The users choose the strategy for each battle and then observe their team in action.

The game stakes on wars between divisions of teams and gives an opportunity to use the strategic knowledge of the gamers. The characters within a team are developed simultaneously.

The gameplay is based on the competition between the gamers, so it can be described as 'male type'. The segment it relies on is boys between 17 and 25 years old.

For more demographic information and details, please contact us.

  • Type: Tactical/Battles
  • Theme: Мercenaries
  • Technologies: Python/PostgreSQL
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This game gives you the opportunity to recruit the best soldiers for your team, to develop them and participate in battles.

You will defeat the platoons of the enemy, win the war and become a real victor.

Discipline and tactics are of prime importance for the game. The right formation and strategy will turn your team into a  striking terror machinery of destruction. You can become the most wanted partner and the least wanted enemy.